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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  March 9, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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current sportsmanship. >> i think everybody has a right to their own opinion. >> why some people in maryland say he does not deserve it. and a shake up at baltimore city hall. someone is stepping down from his position. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute patience running thin action owings mills where people are going on their fifth day without running water. >> it may be a couple of weeks before services are restored to normal levels following a water main break. our reporter is live with the details downtown. >> a spokesperson tells us that this land is water main break is another example of the problems come along with aging infrastructure. it is not easing the frustration of people that have been without
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water for almost a week. >> water is abundant outside of this reisterstown sports complex. this parking lot is an oasis for people that work nearby. many customers lost water service on saturday with a water main ruptured. >> it is horrible, really horrible. >> i am trying to get water. >> when was the last time you have some? >> a couple of days ago. >> it is not the average repair job. they had to remove this chunk of broken pipe. new parts are reviving some as far away as some places. 85,000 homes have had it restored. >> we have a low water pressure. we are stretching it as much as began. >> -- stretching it as much as we can. >> area schools are closed.
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home owners are being created to keep things clean. >> i washed my hair. then i had some small laundry to do. i took the silver water and put it down the toilet. ex-president's that do have water are asked to try to conserve it. -- residents that to do have water are asked to try to conserve it. >> i am going to go crazy. >> others are just grateful that a baltimore county is handing out free water. >> there are much worse things that can happen than that. >> they can pick up free water tomorrow at reisterstown regional park. you can visit newtown high school as another option.
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bring your own container. 11 area schools are closed tomorrow as a result of the water main break. wbal-tv. >> the school superintendent signed off on the first batch of waiver requests support snow days. many were hit hard during this blizzard season. three snow days have been waived for charles and frederick counties. he has the authority to grant waivers on a case by case basis. >> the latest on the transition at city hall. deputy andrew frank is leaving his job. his deputy mayor for neighborhoods and economic development. his departure was effective in mid may. he will join oxford university.
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he will be special advisor to the president on economic issues. the mayor says she is grateful for his continued assistance during the transition. >> a 37 year-old man was killed on february 20 while on duty. he was working as a security guard at the bank of america plaza downtown when he tried to stop a fight. a man pulled a gun and shot him. he is being held without bail. baltimore city police say they have arrested him. and a couple of brothers behind bars tonight, both accused of burglary. they found several flat screen tvs in dvd players in the north clinton street, of them. they are twins -- clintflinton street home of them. they are twins. >> michael vick says he is
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pleased to receive an award. >> it is an award given to those that exemplify sportsmanship. >> everybody has the right to their own opinion. i feel like i have done everything i said i was going to do. that is most important to me. my peers feel like i was doing the right thing. i show sportsmanship and leadership. to be voted amongst my peers means more to me than anything. >> those awards were given out today. more than 100 protesters showed up to show their discussed with the selection of michael vick. our reporter joins us live with more on that story. >> a decent turnout outside of the event. protesters from all around the state as far as philadelphia were there. they were upset that michael vick accepted the award instead of turning it down. the humane society of the united
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states is standing by michael vick trying to turn down those protests. >> a crowd of about 100-150 people tuesday night as inside michael vick except acreage award. protest organizer says she cannot sit on the sidelines. >> michael vick was not going to decline it. we decided we were going to protest. >> the protesters came from all over including this person who drove down from philadelphia. >> i believe the eagles team of votes was a sham. i do not believe they had the right approach. >> many animal rights crews waved their signs probably hoping to shame of it and get the word out about animal abuse. >> i think it is a disgrace that this individual should be rewarded for something he does
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not deserve. >> in his defense, a surprising organization, the humane society of the united states was at the awards ceremony. he approached them about talking about dogfighting to inner-city children. they said they are seeing a real impact. >> he has talked to hundreds of kids and churches and school groups at other venues. after the kids hear him speak, they talk about the impact he has had. >> they are trying to coordinate a trip with michael vick to baltimore to talk to kids here. we will have more on his reaction to accepting the award and the controversy surrounding it. wbal-tv. >> that brings us to cover text message question of the day.
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do you think he should be honored with that award? grab your cellphone and text your opinion. 88509 is the number two text. 53% say michael vick does not deserve the honor. 37% say he does. >> a pennsylvania woman is facing charges of using the internet to recruit in help terrorists. she was agreeing to kill a swedish citizen and travel to europe to kill the person. she sent in a video saying she was desperate to do something to help the suffering -- to help. the charge for second-degree
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grand larceny against a man pled guilty. he made accusations against david letterman for having affairs with employees. >> the nation's capital is the sixth place to allow same-sex couples to marry. several couples tied the knot today. 150 couples are eligible to collect marriage licenses after applying last week. >> it is still our wedding. we are happy to do this in front of the courthouse. we think of this is a big moment in the nation's capital. >> the federal government still defines marriage as that between a man and woman. federal workers still do not get spousal benefits. >> an added incentive for buying a home in baltimore city.
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why people need to act fast to get in on the deal. >> it just kept speeding up. >> some scary moments along the california freeway prompting yet another toyota recalled. but owners should do coming up next. -- what owners should do, coming up next. >> we will have the seven-day forecast coming up. it is still mauled in baltimore. the winds are calm. -- it is still mild in baltimore. the winds are calm. >> and the i-team investigator
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>> a couple is picking up pieces pair of deer ran into
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their home. one dealer injured itself crashing through the door, tearing the frame -- one deer injured itself crashing through the door, telling the frame off. -- tearing the frame off. they suspect the deer panicked when they saw their reflection in the mirror. >>2004-2009 prius' are being recalled by toyota. a california driver experience his car suddenly accelerating on the freeway. >> i pressed on the brakes, but it did not work.
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>> the ntsb says investigators will examine the car and look for potential causes. owners of all recall the vehicles should contact their dealer immediately if they are experiencing problems. >> and is a new incentive for first-time home buyers in baltimore city. it is offering $5,000 toward buying a home. that is in additional to the $8,000 federal tax credit. they need to act quickly. contracts must be signed by april 30 and must close by june 30. recipients must also take a home buyer counseling class to qualify for the grant. americans spend more than $2 trillion a year on health care costs. >> it had one of our viewers raised serious questions about the cost of medical equipment prescribed to him. we found out that he was onto
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something. >> he thinks he stumbled upon a big problem in health care. it centers around this wrist brace built to his insurance company for more than six times the lowest retail cost. >> it is very aggravating to me to know that somebody is charging me these outrageous prices. >> it began last summer when he visited an orthopedist for a case of tendinitis in his hand. he was given an injection of cortisone and this brace to wear. >> it is nylon. >> he felt better until he saw this bill. his insurance company was being billed $220. >> it is hard to fathom that somebody can charge that much money for an item which is so much cheaper in other places. >> he found nearly an identical price at his local pharmacy. the owner sells that one.
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>> these look pretty similar. >> they are exactly the same. except the price. $49.95 for this one. >> we went on line and found the identical brace prescribed to him from the same manufacturer retailing for considerably less. as low as $34.95. >> this is a business as usual in the health-insurance industry. >> he is an expert in health- care billing. >> when people see what they are actually paying, they discovered that insurance is causing the prices to go up. >> they paid a fraction of the cost. the added to that is a fraction of the bill. the provider step that paid
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$149.40 for the brace. when he complained about the cost, he was told in this letter, oliver prices are based on medicare allowable -- all of our prices are based on medicare allowables. because it is the largest health insurer, it leads by example. perhaps that is why his medical supply providers told us that their products pricing has always been deemed reasonable by the federal government in the various private insurers services. they are right. that took us to the government, medicare, which has had a fee schedule for every type of medical equipment imaginable. many officials told us they are allowable for this brace. providers can charge that much
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and bill that much. that is even though you can find for a fraction of the cost as to where -- cost elsewhere. >> the director of centers for medicare management was finally made available. >> when you hear you can find it on line for a $36, what do you say? >> i am outraged. this program is outrage. >> it wanted to know if a provider says the equipment costs one thing and retailers say it costs a nothing, what is the real price? >> we do not know what the accurate price is? this program has to become smarter and more market driven. >> medicare is in the process of phasing in a competitive bidding program for durable medical equipment. the brace is exactly the reason why. >> it is clear to us that this is a case that the medicare program pays at a rate that is
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too high. >> he says he hardly were the brace at all. for the 11 news i team, debra winger. >> a custom fit patients and provide medical service. that is why some say that you cannot compare the price. >> a storm is in in in. temperatures should remain above normal. -- is inching in. temperatures should remain above normal. look at the wide temperature range from 33 in the morning.
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with clouds over the next few days, it will start cooling off period randallstown 43 degrees. 51 degrees in downtown baltimore. it will not be as chilly in the morning. a blanket of cloudiness is coming in. snow is mounting in western maryland. a lot of snow is still on the ground. the hope is that it will not melt to steadily. these showers do not appear to be a problem. sprinkles will approach us as we headed to the morning. not a bunch of rain but a hint of the wet weather that is moving in.
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look at this mass of cloud around the country. it is producing severe thunderstorms in the south. we will stay on the warmer side of this. as it approaches, unsettled weather, often done rain, shower activity is expected for the next few days or so. it will not be reigning constantly. the threat of the shower will be there. a fairly steady light to moderate rain is expected. more scattered showers will be generated in the mid-atlantic. the storm continues to approach from the west. friday, saturday, sunday, the threat of showers will linger. temperatures remain mild with a breeze.
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hopefully, not flooding. a couple feet of snow on the ground in this area here. 59 degrees and a sprinkle around the bay. on the chesapeake, east wins 5- 10 knots. the seven-day forecast, more clouds and showers. a good chance for rain thursday, friday, and saturday. the clocks turn for to go back to daylight savings time sunday morning. temperatures will stay in the 50's. >> the terps men's basketball team sweeps more awards than " the hurts locker." sports as of next.
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-- sports is up next. >> it is mega million. $12 million. let's see if we can make you a millionaire tonight. the first number is 18-19-16-29 -14. mega ball number is 16. if no one matches all six numbers, the jackpot will be worth $20 million on friday.
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>> the terps men's basketball team flew under the radar. they will not headed to the postseason that way. vasquez almost skipped this season. he declared himself eligible for the nba draft. he returned to maryland for his senior season however. gary williams, the award
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reflects their ability to push through diversity. >> it is the ability to come back the next day and go from there. it can determine how the teams are. we have had to do that this year. i trust them. they have great leadership characteristics. it is a good situation to coach in. >> roberts has yet to see any game action so far in the exhibition area. the team president announced he has concerns about roberts getting ready to play in time for opening day. he suffered a herniated disk in his back. he had an adverse reaction to anti-inflammatory medication. the orioles will keep them off the field until the later part of this week.
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it difficult day for the orioles today in their game against the raise. s among korea ripping one. -- evan longoria rippin one. third inning, sac fly to center field. carl crawford scored five errors for the orioles today. they lost to the tampa bay rays. every year, the deadlock courage award goes to players that overcome adversitye overcomed block award -- the and the block courage award goes to players that overcome adversity. this year it went to michael vick. his decosta teammate voted him
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this award. michael vick -- the eagles team voted him this award. >> this is the first a word i have received since being reinstated back into the nfl. me and my fiancee were just talking about being a recipient of this award. she told me she was proud of me. it shows i am making strides. i am trying to do the right thing. that is what i have committed myself to do. >> he heads to a season with no salary cap. many players may find themselves without a team. cleveland police anderson today. it would have cost the browns' $7.5 million in salary next season.
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